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Great Plains Institute (GPI) will now manage the national Sustainable States Network, which is working to make action on climate mitigation, resilience, and sustainability the norm for every community. The network connects efforts across 12 states to allow members to share resources, best practices, and collaborate on projects that advance shared goals. All network members focus on local governments as the primary change agent for sustainable development progress.

“Local governments truly have incredible power when it comes to making clean energy and sustainability choices that will benefit the lives and futures of their residents,” said Lola Schoenrich, GPI’s vice president of Communities and the new Sustainable States Coordinator. “It’s encouraging to see so many communities taking bold steps individually and learning from each other collectively. GPI is thrilled to help lead this network to show the transformative change that happens when cities harness their power and act together.”

Together, members of the Sustainable States Network have provided more than 1,900 rural, suburban, and urban local governments with tools, technical assistance, funding and leadership support needed to make measurable progress to address the triple bottom line issues of environment, equity, and economy.

“We are thrilled to have Lola Schoenrich and GPI as our new Network Coordinator, Jess LeClaire, Sustainable States Network co-chair said. “With GPI’s long history of action at the local and state level, and Lola’s extensive experience in networks and local action on climate and sustainability, they will help guide the Network’s trajectory in this critical next phase.”

Collaborative projects include sharing local successes, information, tools and resources across states and helping the member state programs ensure that equity is integral to local sustainability and climate programs.

“The Network collaborations are vital to ensuring that the lessons learned by leading cities are shared across many other states,” Jim Price, Network co-chair said.

States included in the network are: California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. You can find out more about the Sustainable States Network on its website.

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