The May GreenStep Cities workshop focused on walkable cities and pedestrian planning. After Philipp Muessig (MPCA) introduced the topic and facilitated a round of introductions (00:00:20), Emily Smoak (MDH) discussed Pedestrian Plans, including sidewalk repair and snow clearing practices (00:17:43). Next, Max Musicant (Musicant Group) gave a presentation about Placemaking Successes (00:48:40), and Fay Simer (City of St. Paul) discussed her work as a full-time pedestrian coordinator (01:22:00). The workshop closed after some time for discussion and questions from the audience (01:50:28).

Peter Bruce (Pedestrian Studies + Projects – Consulting) was unable to present as planned. However, he provided a sample of his projects and a foot traffic map to share. He is also happy to conduct – at no cost to GreenStep participants – short retail pedestrian study tours of places he has studied and can schedule individual tours of downtown Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Saint Cloud and Duluth at convenient times during the year. Visit for more information.  

You can view additional resources from the workshop below:

Emily Smoak – Minnesota Walks Resource

Max Musicant – Placemaking Toolkit

Max Musicant –  Commercial sidewalk article

Max Musicant – Friendly Front Yards 

Emily Smoak – Walkable Community Workshops

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