This GreenStep Cities workshop focused on how to use a committee to lead, coordinate, and engage community members on implementation of GreenStep best practices.  After Introductions by Abby Finis, Kristen Rhodes discussed the new GreenStep Cities Welcome Guide, and youth involvement (1:32).  Sophia Skinner, iMatter, and Larry Kraft, iMatter, then spoke about iMatter, a youth organization aiming to solve climate issues (17:32). You can learn more about iMatter and their mission on their website, or by watching their video.  The discussion of youth involvement in environmental and energy issues continued with a presentation by Shelli Kae Foster on the Yes! Youth Energy Summit (42:50). Jeff Weisensel and Emmy Foster presented on the Rosemont Youth Advisory Commision(1:12:17). You can view the commissions by-laws here.  Phillipp Muessig then presented on best practice 24: using committees to help implement GreenStep Cities Best practices.  The workshop concluded with a presentation on using social media in your city by Danielle Cabot and Hakeem Onafowokan of the League of Minnesota Cities.


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