Solar PanelsE&E Publishing’s EnergyWire featured an in-depth article, “Initiative Aims to Reinvent Utility Industry the Minnesota Way”, on the e21 Initiative which is co-convened by GPI and is working to “reinvent the utility business model and the regulations and policy that guide it.” 

Explaining to E&E the drivers for the Initiative, GPI’s CEO and co-director of e21, Rolf Nordstrom says, “The forces that are at work — changes in technology, changes in consumer expectations, changes in policy, new regulations. It feels to us that those forces are inexorable, and the tectonic plates in the energy space are shifting permanently,” he said. “Whether they know it or not, it feels to us like every state in the union and every utility is going to need to grapple with these same forces at one time or another. We’ve just drawn the conclusion that it’s better to do it now than when there’s not a real urgency to it.”

Click here to read the full article which includes interviews with e21 project team members and participants. Click here to learn more about the e21 Initiative.

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