GPI’s President and CEO, Rolf Nordstrom, recently accepted an invitation from the U.S. Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, to serve on the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Electricity Advisory Committee (EAC).

As stated in the invitation, the EAC helps the DOE “define a strategy on long-range planning and priorities for the modernization of the Nation’s electricity delivery infrastructure.” The role of EAC members is to provide advice to the DOE on these issues.

The activities of the Committee include, according to the EAC Charter:

  •  “Advise on electricity reliability, security and policy issues of concern to the Department of Energy;
  • Periodically review and make recommendations on DOE electricity programs and initiatives, including electricity-related R&D programs;
  • Advise on current and future capacity of the electricity system;
  • Identify emerging issues related to capacity, production, delivery, reliability, security and utility regulation, and make recommendations, if appropriate, concerning DOE policy and initiatives;
  • Advise on coordination between DOE, State, regional officials, and the private sector on matters affecting electricity supply, demand and reliability; and
  • Advise on the coordination between Federal, State and utility industry authorities in the event of supply disruption or other emergencies related to electricity transmission, generation and distribution.”

On accepting this invitation, Rolf shared that he “is honored to serve with such an extraordinary group of colleagues and eager to contribute to evolving the nation’s electricity system to effectively respond to rapid changes in technology, consumer expectations, and public policy goals.”


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