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Words of Thanks and Inspiration for the Class of 2020

May 15, 2020 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

rolf nordstromGPI President and CEO Rolf Nordstrom was asked to share a virtual commencement address for graduate students from the University of Minnesota’s famed Humphrey School for Public Affairs who focused their studies on science, technology, and environmental policy (STEP). Rolf shared some thoughts about the challenges before us, leadership, and pursuits beyond happiness. You can watch and read his remarks below. Continue reading »

Midcontinent Industrial Emissions Present Challenge & Opportunity

May 12, 2020 in Carbon Management Author: Jill Rook

An industrial facilityIndustry is the third highest-emitting sector in the US economy and has less obvious carbon reduction pathways in comparison to electricity and transportation, where the vast majority of decarbonization discussions have focused. This post introduces the current landscape of emissions in the US industrial heartland, the Midcontinent region, to inform discussions of carbon reduction pathways. While industry poses a challenge for decarbonization given its diversity of subsectors, unique emissions sources, and complex solution sets, it also holds a high potential for low-cost strategies, opportunities for collaboration between subsectors, and could drive investment in innovative decarbonization technologies. Continue reading »

Carbon Capture Coalition Sends Letter to Congress on Supporting At-Risk Projects as Part of Economic Recovery

May 11, 2020 in Carbon Management Author: Jessie Stolark

The Carbon Capture Coalition (convened by the Great Plains Institute) recently sent a letter to Congressional leaders and committees of jurisdiction outlining their request for targeted measures aimed at providing immediate support for current carbon capture projects at risk of delay or cancellation due to the COVID-19 crisis and to increase the number of projects in the near-term development pipeline.  Continue reading »

A Collaborative Approach to Building Energy Benchmarking Policies

May 6, 2020 in Communities Author: Abby Finis

A building at twilight Minnesota cities are collaborating on standards and tools for measuring and tracking energy consumption in buildings to increase energy efficiency, lower costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Efficient Buildings Collaborative, an initiative of Hennepin County (GPI is a partner), is a new program to standardize policies for building energy benchmarking in Minnesota cities and develop a shared platform for cities to use. Continue reading »

Coalition Welcomes IRS Inspector General Report, Calls for Agency to Follow Coalition Recommendations to Safeguard Integrity of New 45Q Tax Credit

May 6, 2020 in Carbon Management, News & Press Author: Jennifer Christensen

treasury department

Great Plains Institute Vice President and Director of the Carbon Capture Coalition Brad Crabtree issued a statement responding to the release of a letter from the Internal Revenue Service Inspector General regarding tax credit claims under the old 45Q tax credit program. The statement was originally posted on the Carbon Capture Coalition website:

Continue reading »

GreenStep Cities Celebrates 10 Years

May 4, 2020 in Communities Authors: Diana McKeown, Lola Schoenrich

GPI is thrilled to mark the 10-year anniversary of GreenStep Cities, a voluntary challenge, assistance, and recognition program that helps Minnesota cities achieve their sustainability and quality-of-life goals. GPI is proud to be a GreenStep Cities partner and take part in supporting and recognizing cities’ progress on sustainability and quality of life. Continue reading »

COVID-19: A Chance to Build Back Better

April 30, 2020 in News & Press Author: Rolf Nordstrom

build back better

Given the toll the current pandemic is having on our families, friends, and people around the globe, it’s hard to contemplate what the world could be like after COVID-19. However, as those on the front lines of this crisis work with such strength, resolve, and self-sacrifice, those of us working on the climate challenge have the obligation to continue our work toward a better world on the other side of this tragedy. Continue reading »

MISO Interconnection Rules for Hybrid Resources Shape Access to Electricity Market

April 24, 2020 in Electricity Authors: Maggie Kristian, Matt Prorok

Transmission lines in front of sunsetElectricity market rules in development by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO, the region’s grid operator) will impact the competitiveness of hybrid resources, a type of electricity resource which can bring more carbon-free energy to the region. Emerging MISO interconnection rules and processes will determine how hybrid resources connect to the grid, which will shape everything from how these resources are designed to how much electricity and other grid services they can provide. Continue reading »

Why an Ethanol Advocacy Group Supports a Midwestern Clean Fuels Policy

April 10, 2020 in Transportation & Fuels Author: Brendan Jordan

Why an ethanol advocacy group supports a clean fuels policy

The Midwestern Clean Fuels Policy Initiative, facilitated by the Great Plains Institute (GPI), recently released a report detailing how a successful clean fuels policy should be designed. The initiative brings together fuel producers and marketers, nonprofit and research organizations, scientists and engineers, and agriculture and industry stakeholders.

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