If you are an avid reader of the Great Plains Institute (GPI) blog and newsletter you probably have a pretty good sense of what GPI does. What you might not know is the role that you can personally play in making a zero-carbon energy system happen. 

At GPI we:  

  • Lead commercial innovation in both consumer and energy markets, from creating the policy conditions necessary for mass electric vehicle adoption to coordinating renewable energy development with utility distribution and community planning.  
  • Drive institutional change from utility regulation to advance decarbonization, to state-level policy on the reduction of carbon emissions from transportation, and the passage of legislation by Congress that take action on pragmatic climate solutions 
  • Decarbonize the American economy through a program portfolio that engages energy production, transportation, agriculture, industry, and America’s diverse communities. Decarbonization is incredibly complex, which is why GPI’s comprehensive and collaborative approach is key to reducing carbon emissions across the economy.  

All of GPI’s initiatives started small: working in Midwestern towns, with Midwestern businesses, that had specific needs regarding clean and affordable energy to power their economic prosperity and environmental sustainably. These needs sparked good ideas that Midwestern donorsindividuals, families, and companiesinvested in to achieve an impact on their economy and environment.  

Our programs have now grown to achieve national stature, and with it the support of some of philanthropy’s most well-known foundation funders. Our funders recognize the immense opportunity for national transformation that has been seeded by people like you and have therefore helped scale our programs to achieve the greatest possible impact.  


Give Today!


All our ideas, initial work, and programmatic responses have come from people like you.  

People like you who want their electricity and fuels to come from the cleanest possible sources 

Business people like you who know they can reduce the carbon footprint of their operations but need regulatory clarity to cement decision making and investment.  

Individuals like you who see the consequences that failing to decarbonize our economy will bring and are taking active measures to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for our children and future generations.    

If you are reading this, you are vital to GPI’s ability to continue our work as well as incubate new ideas to more quickly decarbonizall major economic sectors, develop programs to drive institutional change, and scalthose programs for maximum, transformational impact.    

We are very proud of GPI’s national scope, but it is the final phase of fully realizing the ambitions and aspirations of people like you.  

If you have not yet made your annual gift to GPI, or feel like you can give, and achieve, more than you originally thought, I encourage you to make a gift today.  

Thank you for your critical support in helping us create Better Energy for a Better World. 

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