Over the last two decades, GPI has been successful in tackling complex energy challenges because we know how to bring people together to work toward building a Better Energy future.

Over time, we’ve come to call many of these people – and those who support our work – partners, colleagues, and friends. In other words, this is our Better Energy Community. Last year, we launched the Energy Innovation Celebration as an annual gathering of this community and an opportunity to celebrate positive change on energy and climate.

Next week, the Energy Innovation Celebration returns and will bring together some of the most insightful and influential voices in energy. The Celebration’s evening program will focus on entrepreneurship and investing in the energy space.

This year’s keynote speaker is Nancy Pfund, Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners, who will discuss impact investing. Ms. Pfund will offer insights which lead her to make early investments into companies like Tesla Motors as well as share her expertise on building innovative and iconic companies for the 21st century.

Following Ms. Pfund’s keynote, former South Carolina Congressman and current Executive Director of republicEN.org, Bob Inglis, will join Nancy on stage for a discussion moderated by GPI’s President & CEO, Rolf Nordstrom, on how we can harness market forces – bounded by the right policy framework – to address our climate and energy challenges. The program promises to be thought-provoking and inspirational.

As the name suggests, the Energy Innovation Celebration offers an opportunity for attendees to experience the cutting edge of energy developments and technology. What is it like to use an electric vehicle as your primary mode of transport? What do some of the biggest players in the energy world talk about when they all get together? How is CO2 stored in rock to keep it out of the atmosphere? Whether you’re curious about the latest developments in the MISO transmission network, the latest EV models, or which common household products use sustainably-produced biochemicals, you’ll leave the Energy Innovation Experience having learned something before you even sit down for dinner.

During the reception, be sure to sample an idea borne of the mind of GPI board member Dan O’Neill. This year’s Celebration will feature a signature cocktail! The Convener is a seasonal cider made with ingredients sourced from Minnesota companies. Please enjoy this succulent sipper responsibly as we convene and toast to the Better Energy Community.

Finally, the Energy Innovation Celebration would not be possible without the support of our sponsors and table hosts.

We are looking forward to gathering the Better Energy Community on September 29th to celebrate all the amazing work happening to make our energy system more economically and environmentally sustainable!

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