On June 16, Tennant Co. held its annual employee expo, featuring an electric vehicle (EV) ride and drive presented by Drive Electric Minnesota and its partners.

Nissan brought two Leafs for participants to take around the block. Many employees showed enthusiasm and expressed enjoyment on their first spin in an EV.

Alongside Nissan, members of the Minnesota Plug-In Vehicle Owners’ Circle, volunteered their time to talk with curious Tennanites about EV benefits and their experiences as drivers. They brought to the event a Tesla and Ford Focus to showcase and even allowed Tennant Co. employees to sit in their vehicles. Their expertise and enthusiasm shined as they answered questions and addressed common misconceptions about EVs.

Drive Electric Minnesota will continue spreading the good word about EVs. Through education, outreach, and more events like this one, Minnesotans can better understand how critical these vehicles are to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and reaching our clean energy goals.

Minnesota has some fantastic resources in place: great auto dealers with varieties of EVs to fit all needs, charging stations throughout the Twin Cities and growing along transit corridors, and utilities to add the power. Now we need more Minnesotan’s to take an EV for a spin, because we’re pretty sure they’ll love it!

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