Welcome to GPI’s new and improved website!

Whether you’re a longtime supporter of our work or only know a little about GPI, we hope you enjoy our new look and more user-friendly design.

Now, we can show our impact and update you on our continued work to transform the energy system to benefit the economy and environment in bolder and more compelling ways. You may also notice that our logo has a cleaner design that vibrantly represents our newly streamlined areas of work: communities, carbon management, efficiency, electricity, and transportation and fuels.

Additionally, we have seen such significant growth and progress in a few of our initiatives that those programs have necessitated their own websites. The Carbon Capture Coalition website was a great success when it launched shortly after the landmark passage of the 45Q tax credit in the federal budget bill in February. You can continue to get updates on the next-level progress our carbon management team is making in this area at carboncapturecoalition.org.

Also this month, the new e21 Initiative website will be publicly launched as a one-stop portal for anyone, anywhere interested in following how Minnesota’s utilities, regulators, consumers, businesses, and other organizations are working together to make Minnesota’s electric system cleaner, more customer-centric, and able to handle the fast-emerging energy technologies of the 21st century.

GPI has already had a big year in terms of our impacts, but there is so much more ahead. GPI is uniquely positioned to bring together diverse and unexpected partners to build consensus and make real and lasting change in the economy and environment.

We can solve our energy challenges, but we can’t do it without you! Thank you for your continued support of this vital work.

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