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The Great Plains Institute (GPI) is transforming the energy system to benefit the economy and environment.

A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, our staff have expertise across our four focus areas: Carbon Management, Communities, Electricity and Efficiency, and Transportation and Fuels. This includes electric vehicles, renewable energy, utilities, carbon capture and storage, local and federal policy, among others.

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Rolf Nordstrom

Rolf Nordstrom, President and CEO
• 21st century electric grid development
• Energy policy
• Electric utilities
• Low- to- zero-carbon energy system
• Sustainable development policy and practice

Lola Schoenrich

Lola Schoenrich, VP, Communities
• Sustainable communities 
• Energy efficiency
• Industrial energy efficiency

Brad Crabtree

Brad Crabtree VP, Carbon Management
• Carbon Capture, storage, and utilization 
• Decarbonizing the energy system 
• Low carbon economy 

Diana McKeown

Diana McKeown, Metro CERT Director
• Sustainable communities 
• Clean energy planning and implementation in communities 
• Electric vehicles 

Brian Ross

Brian Ross, Senior Program Director, Communities
• Solar and wind energy 
• Solar + electric vehicle charging 
• Battery storage

Matt Prorok

Matt Prorok, Senior Policy Manager
• Electric grid
• Energy storage
• Power markets 

Matt Prorok

Abby Finis, Senior Energy Planner, Communities
• Climate action plans for communities
• Energy planning
• Sustainable communities 

Brendan Jordan

Brendan Jordan VP, Transportation and Fuels
•Clean fuels and energy technology (including bioenergy, low carbon fuels, transportation, energy infrastructure, and sustainable communities)
• Electric vehicles and infrastructure
• Midcontinent Transportation Electrification Collaborative

Doug Scott

Doug Scott,VP, Electricity
• Carbon capture 
• Carbon pricing and tax
• Electric grid

• Energy policy  
• Energy storage 
• Grid modernization 
• Power markets 
• Regional Transportation 
• Utility business models 

Trevor Drake

Trevor Drake, Program Manager
• Electric grid transformation 
• Performance-based rates
• Rate design 

• Stakeholder engagement 
• Utilities 

Trevor Drake

Dane McFarlane, Director of Research
• Modeling and analytics 
• Transportation electrification
• Carbon capture and storage modeling 

• Electricity decarbonization 

Katelyn Bocklund

Katelyn Bocklund, Program Manager
• Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure 
• Fleet electric vehicles 
• Drive Electric Minnesota

Franz Litz

Franz Litz Program Consultant
• Clean Air Act 
• Decarbonization 
• Low carbon economy

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