Our Approach

Convene, Inform, Agree, Act

The Great Plains Institute is an organization of leaders and experts dedicated to engaging and collaborating with people, organizations, and communities to craft energy solutions that benefit the economy and environment.

Why GPI is Different

Throughout the last 20 years we have developed a unique recipe for success that is founded on five core values.

  • Collaboration

    We create opportunities for different interests to work together to find shared solutions that result in more beneficial and durable outcomes. We meet people where they are regardless of political affiliation or background.

  • Objectivity

    We bring to our work a dedication to scientific and technical rigor and open inquiry that enables us to incorporate and adapt to new information and perspectives.

  • Participation

    We involve in our work and organization the communities and interests affected by and engaged in the transformation of our energy system.

  • Pragmatism

    We focus on results and approach every challenge with a commitment to solve it. We avoid ideology and partisanship in seeking the best solutions to achieve our mission.

  • Shared Leadership

    We support and amplify leadership in its many forms—both inside and outside of GPI—in order to make the greatest impact.

We Focus on Five Major Areas of Work

We live in a world where people carry computers in their pockets that are so powerful they would have been unimaginable 20 years ago. Each of us can connect to nearly any piece of information or individual with a few taps of our fingers, or clicks of a mouse.
The energy system is also becoming more connected, giving us the opportunity to save money on our energy costs, make decisions that improve our communities, create jobs, and reduce our emissions.

At the Great Plains Institute, we work across 35 states
in five key parts of the energy system:

Carbon Management Icon
Carbon Management

We are leading regional and national efforts with government, industry, labor, and NGOs to achieve the economic, jobs, and environmental benefits of deploying carbon management technologies critical to reaching mid-century decarbonization goals.

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Communities Icon

Cities and communities are critical to creating a better energy system because collectively they are big enough to matter and small enough to make changes quickly. GPI’s programs are designed to assist communities in different ways with all the elements needed to drive change.

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Efficiency Icon

More than 50 percent of the energy produced in the United States is wasted somewhere along the line, from production and distribution to consumption. Our goal is to maximize economy-wide investment in energy efficiency.

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Electricity Icon

We’re working to decarbonize the electricity sector by midcentury through transformative system change to energy markets and infrastructure, utility regulation, and by aligning financial incentives with this goal.

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Transportation and Fuels Icon
Transportation & Fuels

By creating fuels and chemicals from renewable sources while electrifying the transportation system we can reduce these emissions by 50-90 percent while also cutting the cost per mile.

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Please contact us if you would like to explore a partnership opportunity or use our services for your upcoming project.

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Our Services

Beyond the projects we develop ourselves, GPI offers a range of services and skills on a fee-for-service basis to clients ranging from individual companies and government agencies to groups, associations, states, and communities.

  • Technical assistance

    We provide local energy and climate action planning, best practices, analysis, mapping, models, and, where appropriate, direct assistance.

  • Research and analysis

    We provide educational resources and conduct outreach to increase understanding and engagement on important energy issues.

  • Communications and education

    We provide educational resources and conduct outreach to increase understanding and engagement on important energy issues.

  • Facilitation

    We provide expert facilitation that enables groups, including those with diverse interests and perspectives, to tackle complex energy challenges.

  • Advocacy

    We advocate for policy and regulatory change at all levels of government, on behalf of our stakeholders.