More than 50% of the energy produced in the United States is wasted somewhere along the line, from production and distribution to consumption. Modeling suggests that decarbonization requires cutting the energy intensity of the economy roughly in half.

Our goal is to maximize economy-wide investment in energy efficiency. To achieve change on a system-level scale, we focus on the most transformative strategies and on sectors. We transform the market through policy and regulatory change, and by developing and piloting transformative programs. We pilot with early adopters where models do not yet exist and then move implementation up the adoption curve.
Our focus areas are the industrial sector, small commercial buildings, and on advancing combined heat and power. Each of those areas face unique challenges and are not always well-served by the marketplace or existing utility programs and the marketplace. Looking forward, we aspire to develop programmatic work to advance zero-net-energy buildings.


GPI has focused efficiency work in Minnesota and Michigan, but also incorporates it into our multi-state initiatives.

Our Goals

Over the next three years, our goals are to:

  • Increase the efficiencies of industrial systems by leveraging grid modernization efforts to include broader scale deployment of CHP.
  • Explore and implement business model transitions that are necessary to increase the deployment of CHP systems by working with utilities and regulators.
  • Identify and leverage additional energy efficiency solutions by exploring industrial partnerships in agricultural and forestry sectors.
  • Build replicable technical assistance models for small businesses through continued partnerships with business organizations like chambers of commerce and trade organizations.
  • Develop new project initiatives focused on ensuring that by 2030 new buildings are designed, built and operated to Zero Net Energy (ZNE) or Zero Net Carbon (ZNC) standards.
Our Efficiency Experts

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Lola Schoenrich

Lola Schoenrich
Vice President

Trevor Drake

Trevor Drake
Project Manager

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