Developing Climate and Energy Solutions

The Great Plains Institute’s (GPI’s) team of energy planners, researchers, and facilitators have decades of experience collaborating with local governments and businesses to develop and implement actionable strategies for achieving energy and emissions reduction goals. We offer a menu of services to scale to the unique needs of your city, county, government, or business.

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Our Services

Climate Planning and Consultation
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory
  • Comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CAP)
  • Resilience planning
Energy Planning
  • Solar mapping
  • Energy action plans
  • Solar readiness and planning
  • Electric vehicle readiness
Facilitation and Convening
  • Stakeholder and public engagement
  • Policy development assistance
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Renewable Energy
  • Program design (creating a program to achieve a renewable energy goal)
  • Siting, planning, and zoning
  • Solar mapping
  • Solar readiness and planning
Developing a climate action workplan

An agile alternative to full Climate Action Plans

Accelerate high-impact actions to reduce community-wide emissions.

The GPI team is excited to offer communities new, innovative Climate Action Work Plans (CAWPs) to serve as an abbreviated alternative to full Climate Action Plans. Many cities have big, multi-decadal goals that can feel overwhelming and challenging to take on. The CAWPs help stakeholders prioritize and focus on near-term initiatives to make incremental progress while working toward those larger goals. We can help your community develop a CAWP that provides step-by-step guidance for setting community-specific priorities and achieving near-term climate targets.

Do more with Power Ups.

CAWPs are designed to be brief and focused on climate mitigation. We understand that many cities may want to do more and/or have additional tools and resources available to supplement the CAWP. Communities can support a CAWP with the following Power Up options:

  • Additional stakeholder engagement and outreach
  • Climate resilience and vulnerability assessment
  • Dynamic, online solar mapping

Email Abby Finis, senior energy planner, at [email protected] with questions and inquires.

Connect With Our Experts

For more information, please contact Abby Finis at [email protected] or Brian Ross at [email protected]


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