Our Mission

Transforming the energy system to benefit the economy and environment.

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Theory of Change

It’s about finding transformative solutions, together.

Throughout the last 20 years GPI cultivated and honed the roadmap for achieving a better energy system. By bringing the right people to the table, finding the best technologies, and stimulating the necessary markets we can:

  • increase energy efficiency and productivity
  • decarbonize electricity production
  • electrify the economy and otherwise adopt zero- and low-carbon fuels
  • capture carbon for beneficial use and permanent storage

Get to Know Us

Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Council

GPI’s Board of Directors and Executive Advisory Council are groups of individuals who are accomplished in their own fields of practice and share a passion for GPI’s mission. They contribute their time, expertise, strategic advice, and financial resources to increase the institute’s impact over time.

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Staff & Consultants

GPI’s staff have deep knowledge across a wide range of energy technologies, policies and best practices, including on energy efficiency, renewable energy and fuels, energy storage, the electric grid, carbon management, effective policies and practices at the community level, and harnessing “best in class” ideas through international collaboration.

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Our Partnerships

The Great Plains Institute has partnered with more than one hundred businesses, governments, nonprofits, and other organizations representing diverse sectors from across the nation and the world.

Our partnerships and collaborations are critical to effect the system-level change required to achieve our mission. To increase our impact, we actively seek and develop these strategic partnerships at the local, regional, national, and international level.

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